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Getachus Network

Westgate Solutions is an authorized Dealer and Installer of the Getachus Network.Providing very reliable, High Speed Internet access via VSAT.
Our VSAT’s (Very Small Aperture Terminal) are suitable for use in Offices,School, Hotels,and Cybercafés. They also have the distinct advantage of affordable equipment and bandwidth prices.
Are you Interested in a proven, high speed,and affordable internet connection?Send a mail to us today — or call 08033958381,08033973020

  The GETACHUS Offer !!!

Great service and measurable results dont have to come at a high price.

Get on the GETACHUS network today at a very attractive and affordable rate. Enjoy unbeatable high speed internet access.

Call  234-(0)8033958381 Now !!!
Previous Jobs Executed
Research and Development
Graphics, Prints and Digital Media

-Set up of Wireless Internet Service(VSAT based) and Local Area Network.
Client-Nigerian Army School of Education Sobi Barracks Ilorin, Kwara State, North Central Nigeria.

-Setup of Wireless Internet Service (VSAT based) and Local Area Network.
Client-Kwara State College of Education Technical Lafiagi, North Central Nigeria

-Set up of Local Intranet and mail server configured to run with MS. Outlook.
Client-Feedmasters Ltd,Kulende Ilorin

  We continue to strive to build enduring and mutually rewarding partnerships with companies, organisations and corporate bodies. Our Research and Product development team, working with donor organisations also design and implement solutions geared towards philantropic goals.  

We partner with some of the best graphics and digital communication agencies in the country.

We have, over the years, built a network of professional design communication experts, printing experts, copywriters, web specialists and consultants.

Call Tayo on 08033958381 or send an email to or
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